Ready for a Change? Switch to the New Google Play Developer Console Now


The latest Google Play Developer Console is out of beta, and is now the default version. The new console brings with it:

  1. Improvements to the publishing flow: Making it more streamlined and easier to use.
  2. Adds more languages to the store listings with new language-specific graphics: Ensures users around the world understand what your app is about.
  3. New graphs:  Let you track your ratings over time. You can even break them down by device, country, app version, and more.
  4. Enhanced statistics page: Shows when you released each version of your app so you can see how each new version changes your installations and ratings. You can also view crash information specific to an application version.

If you hadn’t thought about upgrading to the latest version, now is the time. The current version will be retired on April 15 to make room for the latest version, and will no longer be supported. More improvements are projected to come down the pipe in the future.

Source:  Android Developers Blog

  • Bikram Agarwal

    When the hell are they gonna let us independent developers reply to user reviews? :(