Google Reveals New York Times, Evernote, Gmail, and Path Apps for Google Glass


Well, Google is getting closer to the Glass launch, and this latest news further confirms it. Google has just released an impressive list of apps for Project Glass. Included in the SXSW interactive release demo list were:

  1. The New York Times:  Google Glass can display late breaking news to the headset using a unified “Timeline cards” interface.  This will position short bursts of useful information in the user’s peripheral vision.  Using a “look up” head gesture, Glass can show off photos and headlines…then read the text of a story to you!
  2. Evernote:  Share photos to Skitch by swiping the trackpad over the “Share” mode, swipe to Skitch, and tap it to share a picture.
  3. Gmail:  This app can be configured to push “important” e-mails.  The message subject line, and a picture of the sender will both be displayed upon receipt of an e-mail.  The user can then dictate a message response using Google’s voice recognition system.
  4. Path:  Can be used to get notifications when your friends share photos to the service.  Swipe through different “Path Emoticons” and pick one using the same touchpad interface.  You can also comment on how you feel about a picture using the same method as noted for Gmail responses above.

Impressive that Google, as usual, is thinking in terms of functionality over entertainment. It has always been my belief that a product is only as good as its apps.  Apple continues to prove this theory by maintaining its followers over the years notwithstanding their rapidly aging devices.  People will stick around as long as there are new apps to keep them enthralled.

Google has already certified that Project Glass will be useful right out-of-the-box to ensure its success. Kudos to Google for a gallant first effort!

Source: The Verge