All Indications Point To Samsung Galaxy S IV Smartphone Being Launched In April


It appears April is going to be a big year for Android fans as it appears that is when we will be seeing Sammy’s “Next Big Thing” finally being revealed. Thanks to our friends at PhoneArena, we have a few photos indicating a major raffle that’s happening at a New Zealand mobile retailer in which the lucky winner will receive a brand-spankin’ new Galaxy S IV smartphone. While that part may not mean much— the raffle is expected to end on April 8th, which falls in line with a rumored April release date. In addition, there’s word of another UK retailer set to launch the device between the 15th and 22nd of April as well.



So yes friends, it’s looking more and more like that March event is shaping up to be the formal introduction of what will be the world’s best smartphone to the masses. Let’s just hope we here in the States won’t need to wait too long after the initial launch.

source: PhoneArena