Ladies And Gentlemen: Say Hello To The HTC M7 Smartphone


While HTC certainly isn’t happy about this tidbit of news, we know that you all will be: the mysterious HTC M7 smartphone that we have been harking about is finally out in full view and ready for us to drool over– despite us seeing another possible rendering recently. As you can see, the render above highlights the device’s sleek and jet black design… which is something that we were already expecting before. In addition, the display and Sense (5.0) UI seems to match up not only in the overall design and layout, but the iconography as well. The great thing is about this design is that while HTC is expected to launch the smartphone in various markets around the world, there should be minimal cosmetic differences of the smartphones— save for items like carrier tramp stamps branding.

All in all if this rendering is indeed legit and the real deal, it appears that HTC will more than likely have yet another hit on its hands. We just hope that the world is ready for another hit when the time comes.

source: HTC Source

About the Author: Roy Alugbue

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  • adam

    i sure hope that not it.. thats butt ugly

  • pedmart

    That looks just like the HTC wp 8 phone.

  • PXN

    Capacitive buttons -__- unecessary since the release of android 3.0 why manufactures insist on keeping them is beyond me, they are usually the first to break on a device…..

  • hutzdani

    Hope not looks like a dogs dinner , loads of gaps between screen and edges of phone, hardware buttons and they have not learnt from the horrific one series camera bezels or lack there of. Looks so dated, I went for the one series because of the great build quality of HTC only to be failed by no camera lenses bezel 4 months later a destroyed lenses and here I am with a nexus 4.

    They need to better than this or its going to be a let down .. . . the nexus 4 has its glass back failings like the iPhone 4 and phone company’s need to be aware of this ! Bezels are needed to protect from wear and tear over aesthetics.

    A well designed phone is better than an fancy pants phone that last 1month, and they need to have a decent battery to boot 2,100MAH should be the minimum ! There is no excuse for flake battery since Motorola rzr Max ! The nexus 4 has respectable battery

  • rich_bown

    Uninspiring design (again) dated looking sense clocks, if this is HTC trying harder they are doomed!