Hands on with the PowerA MOGA Pro gaming controller [Video]

PowerA released the MOGA gaming controller for Android phones late last year, which is the perfect on the go controller to turn your Android phone into a mini gaming system. Now at CES they are stepping it up a notch with the MOGA Pro gaming controller. PowerA built this controller around their Fusion controller for consoles, which is one of the finest gaming controllers available today. The MOGA Pro will cater to serious gamers and it includes higher quality sticks as well as a a second pair of triggers. It also has a rechargeable battery as opposed to the MOGA that runs on 2 AA batteries. Thankfully it charges using any microUSB cable, which will make things easier on the go. Just like the MOGA, the MOGA Pro will fit Android phones of various sizes including the Galaxy Note II. Now I know a lot of you like to play your games on a tablet, and MOGA put together a really nice foldable kickstand for your tablet. It will come with the MOGA Pro and it will prop up your tablet for easy gaming.

You will probably be able to buy the MOGA Pro within the next couple of months. No word on pricing yet, but hit the break to check out the hands on video. I think you will agree that this just might be the finest controller for Android.

YouTube Preview Image

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  • pupu

    How Logitech did not make a move yet?

  • Mr.Moni64

    I really enjoy the Moga but the Pro is seriously needed for intense gaming.
    PowerA has got their heads in the right place, I am a 27yr old gamer who is seriously over buying handhelds but love gaming on the go so the Android is yhe perfect platform to suit the wants of players like me one device that can give me serious mobile gaming.
    So far v Gameloft and PowerA are moving the movement, exciting times.