441 PPI Screens Reportedly Too Much For Samsung To Handle


Samsung Full HD Display

We typically caution against getting overly excited about rumors so it’s only fair to advise against getting too down about them as well. The Samsung 4.99-inch full HD AMOLED screens that seemed like a sure thing just a few days ago don’t feel quite so certain today. The latest round of Samsung super-screen rumors, courtesy of DigiTimes, suggest the company is having a hard go of producing 441 PPI (pixels per inch) screens for its handsets. They cite an industry insider as attributing the problem to “lacking high-end technology.” The unnamed source said Samsung had even sought help from 3M with LITI (Laser Induced Thermal Imaging) technology to no avail.

As most tech blog readers will tell you, you probably shouldn’t take a DigiTimes rumor to the bank but they have nailed a few early rumors in the past.  And no, I’m not making a broken clock is right twice a day joke either… or am I?

Source: DigiTimes

  • hardhearing

    i don’t understand your last sentence. were you speaking english?


      If you don’t get it, just move on.

    • mpiter

      If a clock is broken, it gives the right time twice a day. I think the sentence means that he is not making a joke similar to “A broken clock is right twice a day”.

    • in2android

      It’s a very old analogy, that has been used by many to describe the accuracy of digitimes rumors.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dayne.salt1 Dayne Salt

    Honestly until we see some improvements in battery technology I don’t see what use people could have for a 1080p screen. I didn’t see a huge difference between my 320p, 480p and 540p phones that would justify the battery drain for me, especially with the addition of more useful features like LTE. When we have batteries that can last a couple of days without needing to be charged several times I’d be interested in a high performance screen but for now I’d rather have a phone with a 540×960 display, LTE and a decent CPU than the same phone with a 1080p screen and the battery drain that brings. At least with a good CPU I can underclock it for additional battery, I can’t lower the PPI to get the same effect.

  • Nick