Nexus 4 battery confirmed to be easily replaceable

When Google unveiled the LG-produced Nexus 4, some potential customers were frustrated by the lack of a removable battery. This may be bothersome for those who rely on extra batteries to get through the day, but those worried about replacing broken, defective or burnt-out batteries should no longer do so.

As it turns out, this may not be as big of an issue as some have anticipated. While we previously got a good look at the underlying internals of the device, new information suggests the 2,100mAh battery is just a couple of screws away, meaning that swapping out a new battery won’t require you to completely tear apart your device. This should help quell fears of those who are worried about burning out your phone’s fuel cell. Catch an additional image after the break.

Via: Reddit
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  • Christopher Tsamados

    If its that easy why didn’t they just make the back removable and have swapable batteries?

    • Plerisei

      I don’t know how easy it is. We should have no need to do it; however, I have heard that the easy part this article refers to is the screws; actually prying the back cover loose, I hear, takes some effort; effort I’m not willing to do and possibly break my phone.

      • Sean Infidel

        Even more so with the back cover being glass, that many users have already broken. Still love the device!

        • Plerisei

          yea. I’m still going to buy it. I don’t think I will ever go non-nexus again, no matter what they do to the program. The developer support is unmatched.

          • Dave B.

            It would be worth breaking the glass, and buying an after market cover to revamp the phone while replacing the battery. They will be plentiful soon I am sure – Google could have sold this phone for a bit more money if they would have given the consumer a little more choice.

  • IonyxIphone 5

    Funny how when you take an iphone apart the first thing you see it the battery. But for years people have looked at non removable batteries as a weakness. On my iphone 4 only 2 screws hold the back on. The battery is right there. Very easy to swap out. But now that the show is on the other android its a big deal and its easy. I love the biases against apple products but when some one else does it its ok.

    • astarrk

      The difference is that in the past Android batteries have always been removable and the internals have been fairly accessible. And sometimes it is useful to be able to yank your battery if your phone freezes. Calm down.

      • IonyxIphone 5

        O so now I finally see. iPhones don’t have that problem so never needed to yank it. Thanks. I’m sure some people some where had there iphone freeze but thats why there’s also force reboot. No need to yank it ever.

        • Calum Mackay

          iphones never freeze? ho, that’s funny :)

          • IonyxIphone 5

            No not unless jailbroken which essentially makes it an android. You must have never owned one. I’ve owned the 4 and up. Never had the 3 and below. So if there the ones you refer too i can’t say. My best friend had an Htc Evo 4g, and now a GS3. I’ve seen them both in action in various ways. The evo was chug city. Very laggy with basic things let alone games. The gs3 is smoother but chugs with basic things as well. I’ve seen it chug in the text message scrolling. And in games. And yes his evo has frozen before. Android os is one of the worst os as far as smooth interfacing. It’s because too much runs in the background killing ram. I’ve seen it more than once and I know alot about these kinds of things. So this is not just bias it’s based in fact too. Just look at any os that has more things open than ram avail. They chug and freeze. Iphone doesn’t have true multi tasking this allowing it to free up memory each time home button is hit.

            • Dave B

              It’s not that the iphone isn’t a worthy phone. It was just not my style….and the Android is my OS of choice. The battery not being replaceable is an Apple mistake Google just didn’t learn from.

            • AStarbucks

              Typical i-Tard trolling. Jail breaking is a joke and you can dream about it making your i-Crap anywhere near an Android. Obviously you know nothing about jail breaking nor Android, nor rooting nor open source.

              Yr jail break gets broken everytime Cupertino dumps its i-crap upgrade load on you. Then all your jail break apps no longer work. What BS.

              If you don’t know how Androids work, STFU! U’re an embarrassment to the rest of your low-IQ types. For an OS that is not even multi-tasking, its a joke that iOS still hangs.

              Given the fact that you clearly do not know anything, you clearly made up the stories about the HTC Evo and S3 too. Where I am, every other person owns an S3 and I’ve never seen one hang, or lag or “chug”. Even my S2 never hangs.

              Go search the Forbes article which points out how iOS apps hang far more than Androids.

              Yep, go ahead and stick your Ostrich head in the sands. Android market share 70+%. iOS 25+%. If your i-crap is any good it’ll be the other way around moron…

            • IonyxIphone 5

              Wow you actually roused me to respond your reply was that ignorant. First off before you go spouting about how much I don’t know, you should think to consider that I can jtag your device. Yes. You don’t get more invasive than that. I dont have to make stuff up because word of mouth fools like your self prove it for me. I constantly visit XDA and other android forums to stay current and accurate with my info. You obviously own a device and believe you know everything there is about it. Let me school you. First off how many jailbreaks require a user to have to jtag or jigg there iphones? How many s3 have you held side by side next to an iphone 5 and how many have you run test on side by side? Every one in your area has an s3 so it sounds like your info comes from a group of like minded individuals. Wish i was there to turn your ideas into nonsense. Your android bias has destroyed your sense of judgement. I could honestly list tons of ways that I know more about your phone than you do. Instead I will ask some simple questions. Answer them to your self honestly if you don’t want to be embarrassed. How many times have you pulled your battery or your sim out to either fix a problem or get it to respond? Can you put apps on your sd card? What API o I’m sorry version of android are you using? When was your last update? How many devices have you gone through in a 3 year period? How often do you charge your phone per day? How many apps do you have on your phone? Now how many emulators? How many times have you helped or been helped by a friend using the same device? Do you use smart stay???? I can do this all day. I work with about 513 people a good mix of iphones of all Classes and the most dominate android phone is an s3. Most of those people had flip phones, black berries or evos or other old android phones. Trust me they were all ablaze with all the gimmicks. Little by little I’ve shown them each why an iphone is best and always will be. Most have said they would get one if it wasnt so expensive. Yet have broken contracts or bought them off contract making the phone way more expensive than my iphone 5. And they had to buy 32 and 64gb sd cards. In our break room 3 out of 5 galaxy’s are face down and off or charging. The other 2 are playing ruzzle, listening to music or watchig a movie. Like I said I can so this all day my guns are fully loaded where as i see you brought a water gun. I know your shit my shit and then some. Have fun watching the s4 flop. I predict it now. Have fun aging with your htc one.

    • Tarima

      Who are these “people”? When did they say “Iphone’s non-removable battery sucks but we’re okay with the Nexux 4’s”?

      • IonyxIphone 5

        Android users have been saying it for years now. All the arguments android users use to make are now becoming irrelevant. The better android phones become the more like an iphone they become. No flash, sd, removable batteries, and memory by model (16,32). The gs3 even has a single home button instead of 3 stock hardware buttons. Most phones lose the mini hdmi ports and I’m sure thell have propriety charges too. Seeing as though micro USB doesn’t meet the demands of the these super android phones. Lol.

        • IonyxIphone 5

          Of course this isn’t every android model but some have done all these things if not some. The practicality of buying another battery and keeping it charged is a very ill fated argument. I have never met one single person who has had two batteries at home or on there person. But that’s always an argument that comes up first. Right after screen size and flash. Then comes micro sd. Which inless you root the permissons or use an app you can’t even save the apps to it. What good is 64gb of media. I have 64gb of memory thats has every thing on it. No need to root.

          • NearChaos

            Nice to meet you. I bought an OEM spare battery for my Nexus S from Amazon for about $35, with free desktop charger, and I always carry a spare charged battery. It’s cheap and takes up hardly any space.

            • IonyxIphone 5

              Your about the only person that I’ve met that had two. Tested my iphone 5 yesterday. Got up at 3:20am for work. It lasted 15 hours before i needed to charge it. I used it to grab the weather show off articles, read on flip board and show off some games. I get 3 breaks at my job but I use it sometimes when I’m not suppose too. Of course a good bit of this time was standby. But I had screen all the way up. Bluetooth, wifi, location services, fetch notifications, iCloud, diagnostics and usage, and other battery draining things. Didnt close any apps… Well not they run in the background any way. Also had full LTE on. My friend has a GS3 and he was already plugged up after only 7hrs of use. With standby and such. And he has most of those things turned off. So for now I don’t see the need to get an extra battery. But if I needed too i could just buy a charging case, or a portable charger. My friend has one for his 4s. But we’re i work there are USB ports every where. So there really is no need. Ever.

            • AStarbucks

              From all accounts on the web, the iPhone 5 has mediocre life. My friend complains that her new iPhone 5 has lousy battery life. Wait till one year later and tell us about the battery life, u i-Tard. It might even be completely dead!

            • IonyxIphone 5

              Your friend uses the could probably and doesn’t have another idevice. Rookie mistake. I know what to shut off that I don’t need but keep bluetooth and location on and push notifications. My phone constantly searches for signal cause where I work there isn’t much signal the deep you get into the building. And yet even right now unplugged at 4:10am its now 7:42 and I’m at 39%. And I’m jailbroken and use my phone very often.

            • noseless4life

              “Your friend uses the could probably and doesn’t have another idevice” WTF? Speak English please… or maybe you are typing this on your iPhone and its auto correct thinks it knows better :-P

              “I know what to shut off that I don’t need but keep bluetooth and location on and push notifications.”
              I thought that the iPhone was easy to use and you did not have to all this techy stuff. And a few posts back you were bragging about “all the things i do on it with all the settings turned on and my screen always brightest”.
              Make some sense you iDiot….

            • IonyxIphone 5

              Yes I do but my cloud is off. Your a little late to the game. Check your stats more android users act like having to customize there phones makes them tech savy and that iphone users are stupid because they don’t have the option. Yet in a single day I school more android users on there own devices than any other group. Where I work it’s android dominate. And I keep all off them with there jaws dropped and that all so consistent dumb look when they realize that there arguments end at ” look at that screen size”… iPhones are the standard the staple and not even good old Samsung can dethrone them. An article just written today talks about how poorly the galaxy s4 is doing. Another iPhone killer here and gone. Stick with your nexus. Or join the croup because here’s betting that in your life time you’ll own an apple iphone before I ever own a crapdroid.

        • FrillArtist

          You muppet, the GS series has always had one home button like most Android phones. The GS3 has three buttons. Menu, home and back.

          • IonyxIphone 5

            Just shows you how every wants to be like Apple. Yet where considered non-innovative. Every one else is playing catch up. And losing. Andoids in theory have more features. But most of them are beta test and thrid party support, just like Cydia is for Apple. Not trying to start a war with you but no one phone or even company touches Apple on IProducts.

            • IonyxIphone 5

              Yeah yeah Siri is beta, and maybe there maps. But look how many features come and go on the regular for android. There like casting a wide net hoping to grab something concrete. It’s really evident when companies like Samsung produce astronomical amounts of phones with Different variety, specs, and sizes. You may choices, I say shooting in the dark hoping for something to stick. Not all of there products are as successful as Gs3 and Note. And those two phone combined cant even touch sales of the 2year old 4s. Let alone the 5.

            • FrillArtist

              “The gs3 even has a single home button instead of 3 stock hardware buttons.”

              Still doesn’t make your above statements true. Then again, I wouldn’t put it past a stupid iSheep to slander and lie against other manufacturers. What a dope.

            • IonyxIphone 5

              No need for either thats a Samsung thing not apple. If Im stupid ISheep why did so many people but a cheap plastic phone, with a main board that keeps failing, a crappy radio antenna, and glitches up the ying yang. For only a lil bit cheaper than and iphone?. They could have had a working good phone with all the apps and support of the number tech company in the world. Instead they believe stupid advertising and bought into the idea of the next big thing. Yet to date GS3 hasn’t lived up to its hype. Most if not all its features are gimmicks, convoluted, or just down right slower than doing it on the iphone. The phone it self is over all slower. Even on jelly bean. Look at its geek bench scores. I have a fiend who has one and we did several side by side test. And need less to say though not in every case by a large margin the iphone was faster. So honestly if I just bough because an ISheep I would have an iphone 4 or 4s. But I have a 64gb 5. And it works extremely well. Have to charge it 3 times a day because all the things i do on it with all the settings turned on and my screen always brightest. I flaunt it because its a boss @$$ phone.

            • AStarbucks

              Are you an idiot living under a rock? Who is in the lead and who is hopelessly left behind here?

              Apple at less than 20% market share worldwide? Android is at 60-70%!

              If you do not know Android, shut up! Stop embarrassing yourself! Go back under the rock!

        • AStarbucks

          Moron why dun u stuff your i-crap where ur crap hole is.

          The S3 sells more than the iPhone world wide and its because its got removeable batteries, SD card etc.

          Its so cringe worthily embarrassing that u i-Tards know NOTHING yet mouth off. The S3 has always had 3 buttons, moron.

          All Androids are micro-USB and the higher end ones have always had MHL since my S2. They will do so for way longer before you get to have them on your iCrap.

      • Dave B

        Having been a former Apple devotee and employee these ‘people’ just need solid postiive reinforcement that they’re ok after paying outrageous prices for a logo with essentially the same electronics.

  • IonyxIphone 5

    Some FYI for the laymen of intellect. Iphones have two screws to get to the battery. Takes bout a minute. They sell batteries on amazon and Ifixit. Its not that hard to do. And the other bit just because people choose to own an iphone doesn’t make them dumber than you because you have an android. Androids don’t make people any smarter than iphones do. But if your going to question my knowledge simply because you think me an ISheep think again. There is more android bias and more ignorance amongst android users than I’ve ever seen. Most android users act as though because they’ve done some thing technical like install a custom rom that there smarter than us. Yet I say if this where true why are there thousands of devices daily that get hard bricked or turned in? I’m not saying iphones never ever die. That would be stupid but what I am saying its not an issue like it is android. Search on google and you’ll see hundreds of help forums from pros and users alike. Usually most iphone problems if not hard ware related are simple user oversight. And answered or fixed easily.

  • iPhone Service Center

    It is really relieving for me to know that Nexus 4 battery is replaceable. Otherwise for most of the mobile phones battery is not replaceable.