Android 4.2 clock and keyboard apps available for flashing

Earlier this week, after Google announced Android 4.2, an update to Jelly Bean, some sources managed to obtain standalone apk files for the 4.2 keyboard. The keyboard from 4.2 is sought after due to the inclusion of “Gesture Typing,” which allows users to glide their finger over the keyboard in a Swype-like fashion. Google asked sources to take down links to the apk files as the software was not yet ready for versions other than 4.2.

That has not stopped work by others to extract the code from Android 4.2 and package the keyboard app for use on non-4.2 devices. Those efforts have resulted in files for the keyboard app that will run on 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or better devices and the 4.2 clock app that will run on 4.1 Jelly Bean devices.

To install, you need a rooted device with a custom recovery installed. Use the source link to access the files needed. Needless, to say, installation carries the usual caveats regarding the flashing of software onto your device. The apps are experimental and device compatibility is still sketchy at this point.

source: Droid Life

  • Igor Vinogradov

    Clock app always stopps, but widget works fine. Keyboard wok fine for me, but problem with language changing: ON english I CAN change, but FROM english I can’t.
    Sony Xperia S. AOKP ICS ROM.

    • Igor Vinogradov

      Problem with language changing has disappeared