The Sony Nexus X was an elaborate 7-hour hoax

We had previously heard rumors of multiple Nexus devices arriving in time for the holidays. And, after having seen alleged Nexus-branded smartphones from LG and Sony, our hopes had grown tremendously. The only thing though, is that the Sony Nexus X we saw last week has turned out to be a fake, effectively dismissing any faith we may have had.

Apparently, the actual process of creating the fraudulent images wasn’t as simple as photoshopping a couple of photos. Instead, the Nexus X was conceived using incredibly powerful 3D modeling tools which allowed the individual behind the hoax to stitch together pieces of previous Sony and Nexus handset designs to create the ultimate smartphone.

The base of the phony phone (see what I did there) was fabricated using the industrial design of both the Galaxy Nexus and Xperia T. The two were combined using a 3D construction model and the end result was then placed onto a virtual background. The reflection of a Galaxy Nexus was then added to portray a self-taken image.

The reasoning behind the man-made creation is said to have stemmed from the idea of generating consumer interest about a potential Nexus phone made by Sony. The person behind the hoax says the entire process took around seven hours to complete. Hit the source link below for a detailed infographic, outlining the various steps in the image-altering adventure.

Source: Tumblr

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  • PKM

    I cant believe someone actually bothered to do all of that !

  • Curt

    I thought it was a great hoax, and glad that the person came clean and showed us what he did, how he did it, and why.

    Not being a Sony lover (I have bought Sony laptops that had a problem that Sony REFUSED to fix), so the fake Sony Nexus didn’t move my meter, however, I do like the the concept of more than one manufacturer a year to make a Nexus device.

    I also challenge each manufacturer to put out a vanilla smartphone (NO SKINS), and see just how much people want a vanilla Android phone. I think that they would find that more people would the vanilla vs their ‘skin’ because it would be easier to push out updates.

    That said, I am totally discouraged with Motorola and their decision to make their phones ‘as close to a vanilla experience as possible’ Translation: Motorola will bow down to the feet of Verizon (since Verizon OWNS the DROID trademark) and not put out a stock android phone. That is a HUGE mistake by Motorola. They just had a HUGE hit on public opinion on their brand because of lack of updates on phones LESS THAN 18 MONTHS OLD, that they are shooting themselves in the foot by not going stock Android.

    • Nudo

      Just a quick clarification… I believe Lucas Arts owns “droid” and Verizon licenses the right to use it. I totally agree otherwise.