More pictures of the LG Nexus leak

Last night we showed you some leaked images of the upcoming LG Nexus device, and now we already have more leaks. This one bares the same model number, LG-E960, but looks a little different. Actually it resembles a Galaxy Nexus. It could be the fact that these pictures are a little older from the prototype stage. You will notice a label that says “not for sale hw rev 1.0” and there are screw holes visible along the bottom edges.

We already reported this device hitting the FCC (with AT&T HSPA+ only) so everything seems to line up as far as the model number goes. At this point in the game, there’s no question the phone exists, it’s just a matter of when they are going to announce it already. More pics after the break.


source: baraholka

About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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  • naurizofficial

    russian bullshit?

  • bozzykid

    It looks like they have a shell around the case so the real design doesn’t leak (hence the screws). I think a lot of these web sites are going to look foolish when the final product looks different.

  • Johnny M. Pak

    I so feel like Im looking at a gnex and I own one. Definitly a true nexus. Hopefully a good one!

  • John Pettigrew

    Definitely a bad idea going with LG to design their next Nexus…As a previous owner of the T-Mo G2x LG can not program Android AT ALL…software on the phone constantly caused SOD’s and freezes. Phone used to get hot to the touch too when charging and a SOD occurred.

  • Wojciech Skrok

    IT has Sign “with Google” so that cant be Nexus, which is Just Google