More details surface for the LG Optimus G Nexus

The other day we reported that not only will Google change the Nexus program, but that LG will definitely have a device dubbed the LG Optimus G Nexus. Then we had a hands-on report from a tipster who claims to have the device. Now MoDaCo posted some details of their own. According to them, the actual retail name hasn’t been decided yet, but it’s definitely based on the Optimus G although it won’t look the same.

It will definitely have Android 4.2, a 1280 x 768 True-HD IPS display, a quad-code Snapdragon S4 processsor, 2GB of RAM, 8MP camera, and a non-removable battery. You’re probably wondering about the storage, and apparently Google is going the Nexus 7 route and only offering 8GB and 16GB models. Just like the Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus 7, there won’t be a microSD slot. Now I know this is going to be a huge disappointment for most of you, but surveys show the average user doesn’t need more than 16GB of storage. By offering the 8GB version, it’s obvious Google is going to make that the aggressively priced version. If they come out with a $399 price tag (off contract), it will sell like hotcakes.

source: MoDaCo


  • RTWright

    As long as they keep making it without a micro SD slot, I wont purchase one. Sorry but I do use a lot more than 16GB, which is why I have a 32GB SGSIII with the option to make it 64GB. I’m a photographer and graphics artist and I have a ton of music and videos that I like to enjoy when I’m traveling or setting around waiting on someone. I use a lot of space for photographs to show to clients as well as artwork. That is something I personally cannot afford to give up. All I can say is quit going Apple on us!

    • Joe Black

      No SD card slot, no sale. Bought a 64GB Micro SD card a few months back for £90.. I like being able to store media on the card and everything else on the phone. It makes switching phones so seamless.

      So again, no SD card slot, no sale.

    • Davekim917

      “surveys show the average user doesn’t need more than 16GB of storage.” – I wouldn’t say they’re going Apple on you, that’s not a fair statement. If they geared their product around heavy users, it would not be beneficial to them as they’re dwarfed by casual users. $399 off contract price would really be something spectacular, especially for those who want to keep unlimited data with Big Red