Garnet red Galaxy S III now available in the UK for a sweet deal

The Galaxy S III is undoubtedly one of the most powerful smartphones  manufactured. With the international version featuring a quad-core Exynos processor, it is hard not to love. In addition, Samsung creatively gave consumers a variety of different color choices including blue, white, and the infamous garnet red.

The blue and white models have made up the majority of Galaxy S III sales, while the garnet red color has been very limited. Unfortunately, due to AT&T’s agreement with Samsung Mobile, the premier color was exclusively sold through their network only. This was kind of a let down for fans who craved the red design.

However thanks to Expansys, UK customers will be able to snatch the exclusive garnet red model, as well as the more common blue model, for a steal of a price. For just £429 ($692) you can have a beautiful device, without shelling out the extra £120 ($193).

Expansys indicates that there are well over 100 devices in stock for each color, but be warned, deals attract customers, which could leave you missing out on a hell of a deal.

Source: Expansys



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  • Calde

    Garnet red has been available from all Carphone Warehouse stores and online for about a month xxx