Google’s 2-step verification easier with Google Authenticator update

If you are interested in adding some extra security to your Android device, you might want to check out Google’s 2-step authentication feature. If you are already using this function, it is a little bit easier to use now due to an update released by Google through the Google Play store.

2-step authentication adds extra security by requiring a user to have something, in this case their smartphone, to go along with the thing they know, their password, when signing in to web sites or their Google account. The smartphone requirement comes into play thanks to the Google Authenticator app which is used to generate a code to be used along with a password. The update today adds the ability to turn-on 2-step authentication without scanning a QR code or re-entering a password on a device.

If you are not sure whether you are using 2-step verification or want to turn it on, check the security settings for your Google Account on your device. Google also provides some video instructions on setting up your Google Account on your desktop computer to use 2-step verification.

Use one of the download links below to grab the app.

QR Code generator
Google Play Download Link

  • Keith0606

    what i want to know is if you lose your phone, and then you go to to login to change your google account password how do you get in, if you can’t authenticate since you lost your phone?

    • rothbart

      You can (during set up) generate a list of one-time-use authentication codes to keep in your wallet.

      • Justin A

        I should do this – thanks for the advice. I just planned on not losing my phone. But, it happens.

    • jcauseyfd

      In addition to keeping the code in your wallet, you can also authorize another phone as a backup. They explain some of this in the video for the app in the Google Play store.

    • Nudo

      They thought of that :) read up