American Airlines flight attendants to receive Samsung Galaxy Note devices as part of new InFlight Tablet program

Today American Airlines announced a new program for the 17,000 flight attendants working throughout their entire fleet. The InFlight Tablet program will see Samsung Galaxy Note devices deployed to all flight attendants. The tablets are being handed out so flight attendants can quickly, and electronically, access customer information. Flight attendants will be able to access traveler’s names, seat assignments, special meal requests, and loyalty program status. Flight attendants will also be able to provide connecting flight status, gate information, and weather updates when WiFi is available. According to Lauri Curtis, American’s Vice President – Flight Service, “By giving a device to all of our active flight attendants we are better enabling our people to deliver an exceptional customer experience.” In addition to the information about customers, American anticipates the devices will eventually be used for food purchases in flight. American also plans to eliminate the paper manuals used by flight attendants.

According to American, they tested several devices as part of their pilot program that has been underway the last few months. The Samsung Galaxy Note was chosen due to its thin, portable design coupled with the relatively large 5.3-inch HD screen. In a video describing the program, American also noted the devices were a good size to quickly slide into a pocket.

Check out the video below for more information on how American plans to use the Android-powered devices to improve the customer experience.

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source: Yahoo! Finance

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  • r121

    iPad for pilot to browsing manual and the Note for taking orders and a lot more fun stuff!