Samsung confirms Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update arriving in October

Samsung hasn’t offered the most timely updates in the past, with some customers still waiting for Android 4.0 to hit their Galaxy S II handsets. This can’t be blamed entirely on ole’ Sammy, though, as carriers tend to be the ones who delay updates. However, in the spirit of keeping its customers happy, the Korean manufacturer announced today that “the Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) operating system will be available on the Galaxy S3 from October.”

Considering the news comes directly from Samsung, it’s most likely that the update will roll out to international handsets first. As always, individual carriers will have to approve the update before it is allowed to be sent out OTA. There’s no word on the exact day in October the update will be available, though that’s probably for the best seeing as Samsung has struggled to meet its deadlines more often than not.

This news comes after EE (Everything Everywhere) revealed that it would be bringing the Galaxy S III to its new 4G network. EE’s version of the device will come pre-loaded with Jelly Bean, so users won’t have to worry about waiting for a pesky update.

Source: CNET

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  • kmanvan

    Nice. Can’t wait for this update. Hopefully Google Now will replace S-Voice, which is quite painful to use (almost as bad a Siri, which doens’t seem to do anything in Canada still).

  • RTWright

    Carriers and OEM’s need to be removed from the OS update process. The only thing we need from the OEM’s is the hardware drivers. The only thing we need from the Carrier is the phone to work on their system which is done through a chipset.

    PC’s are a prime example of how this works. You can buy any brand of PC, you can wipe the system, reinstall the OS without any of the crap that is called bloatware on your system. Still get updates to the OS directly from the company that built the OS, not the hardware company. The only thing you need from them is the hardware drivers and that’s it.

    I wish the OEM’s and Carriers would get on board with that, because they already do it for the Nexus devices that Google puts out. You buy from Google, you never have to wait for an update, it comes straight from them. Here’s the main kicker for OEM’s. They like to put in their own Home Launcher system over the OS, instead of using the basic one that comes with Android or at least ones like Nova and or my favorite Apex.

    If they would just build themes for those, then all of this would be a lot simpler. Because half of us never keep the stock Home Screen Launchers as it is. I run Apex as apposed to TouchWiz, it’s far faster, far more flexible and offers options you will not find in any stock HSL. I’ve had HTC, Motorola and now a Samsung GSIII. I can see how some would not care about the functionality or looks too much of their Home Screen system, but I do. But that’s not my point here, the point is, that is one of the major hold ups in getting updates to the OS.

    The other is the Carrier, who likes to say, no it’s not us, it’s the hardware company. Bah! It’s BOTH of you idiots holding it up, so stop! We all know you can pretty much move right into 4.1.1 without too much of a hitch. Just make sure your drivers are updated for it and make it available through the phone’s update system. Just make sure you update your drivers first then the OS and you’re golden!