Adobe Flash Player 10 For Android Due In October

flash player 10 androidDuring a recent earnings call, Adobe CEO Shantanu Naraye revealed to investors that a beta version of Flash Player 10 for mobiles will be released in October of this year.

The new Flash player will support Android, Nokia Symbian, Palm Web OS, and Windows Mobile powered devices, and is expected to be unveiled at the Adobe MAX conference for developers that is scheduled to take place in October.

“We are bringing Flash Player 10 to smartphone class devices to enable the latest web browsing experience. Multiple partners have already received early version of this release and we expect to release a beta version for developers at our Max conference in October. Google’s Android, Nokia’s Symbian OS, Windows Mobile and the new Palm Web OS will be the first devices to support web browsing with the new Flash player…”

Adobe announced back in February that they planned to bring Flash 10 to the Android platform by the end of 2009.

Here’s some footage from the Adobe MAX developer’s conference taken last year that shows Adobe Flash 10 up and running on a T-Mobile G1.


  • Samuel

    I would KILL for this. October is too long man. NAO

  • Tim

    Nooooooo…. Flash needs to die. It can barely play full-screen on my core 2 duo, how exactly is it going to work on a phone. Besides we (almost) have HTML5 video now.

  • Bea

    So when this comes out does this mean all we have to do is download it to our phone or is it going to come out in a new phone?

  • Cel

    To: Tim

    Update your video card most likely you still have the cheap on board video chip with 32mb of ram that came with you computer because flash 10 full screen video runs just fine on my single core 2ghz Amd Athlon 64 thats about five years old

  • mike

    Does anybody know where I can get a flash player for g1 its a android system I can’t do to much online without this. Please help

  • jamell

    this is great i already see videos on youtube with people running flash 10 with a rooted phone its that 17 year old xda dude but i can wait and fyi g1 is the best phone out and the most updatable also(and im tired of people saying g1 does not record video)

  • keath

    Any one know of ape that canstream Windows media online radio and vedio

  • Morris

    Can someone please tell me where I can get Adobe flash player 10?

  • Edmond

    Empty words from Android and Adobe for the G1 about Flash Player

  • mihavit

    no flash is here nothing being said as of we are or not getting it. im not waiting staring at my phone cuz this is so tiring. whatever if we get it kool if not so what, to much hope not enough accuracy. who care no its been to long android user came to this far just wait for the next big thing the update for the 2.0 so they say we are getting.

  • me needs flash! ffs

    Watch my date. Above this post.

  • pissdohff

    this shit is getting stupid. all android and tmobile customers just need to boycott these companies who make empty promises.

  • Somebody

    Well, getting close to the end of 2009… looks like adobe is being their usual punctual selves….

    How long did it take them to finally upgrade to 64bit? I think it took them something like SIX YEARS. Moving on to a whole new architecture (not just an expansion on the same architecture), probably going to take them at least a couple of DECADES!!!

    Flash and flash-like junk shouldn’t exist anyways. The worse they support it, the sooner it will go away. Here’s to hoping that they NEVER get this launched!

  • this guy

    most of the web runs on flash. why would they make a web base phone and not think of flash player. now i’m stuck with this mytouch and can’t even go on half the web. i’m mad..

  • Android Dude,

    Totally agree with you this guy. When is it gonna be available for all us to download. Is it gonna be an OTA update from Android or we have to download from Adobe? We need something other than Adobe calling the shots in this day and age. We need new “web players” from other developers. Some of us will end up going back to Windows Mobile. They seemed alright.

  • bani

    html5 is good for video but not for other rich net media experience such as games.. with flash 10… the usage on the cpu is minimum and flash can utilize the gpus of computers as well as mobile.

  • Steve

    I hear now *some* time in ’10 it’ll be released. What I wish would happen is someone much more intelligent than myself begin an open source app. Then perhaps we could end up with a better player. Who knows?

  • leo

    first they said 1st half of 2010, now it’s 2nd half? b.s.

  • gina

    when is it coming out really?? peoples been waiting for 2 years? flash player for andoid gonna happen or just bs.. *sigh

  • DaG1User

    Hey Everyone! i’ve found (3) methods to getting ‘Flash Player” on the G1. But, PLS NOTE…
    the methods doesn’t work for everyone (&, or) you may have to try it a few times to get it to work. But, after playin around one day, I’ve found (3) different ways to installing “Flash Player” on the G1…

    this one is annoying, but it could work on your G1: 1) Download “IE explorer or FireFox M.” from the market place. once installed, go into the App Managment Settings & check the box so you can download “Non-Market Place Apps”.
    Now, use “IE Explorer or FireFox M.” & go to click on “Flash Player 10” & it should see your browser & allow you to download it.
    Note: you may have to try a few times, cause the browsers in the market place sux! once again… “Really Annoying!”

    This one has a better chance at working on your G1, but requires you have any “SD Card” over 2GB:
    2) go into the “App Managment” settings in your phone… turn on “USB Debugging”. Then, from your computer, download “Flash Player 10 INSTALLER” or “INSTALLATION package”. once download has been completed.. connect the G1 to the computer. Then, Trasfer the “Flash Player 10 INSTALLER” or “INSTALLATION package” to “the SD CARD”. after-which… disconnect the phone from the computer, then turn off the phone. Turn it back on & wait for everything to load up. Then you should see the “INSTALLER or INSTALTION package” in your menue screen. click to install… once completed, your browser will now be running Flash Player 10! :D

    this one is for those that wont wait for the Flash Player update to come out…
    3) from the computer, make a folder & copy all the files & codex for Flash Player 10 into it. also make sure to download the Flash Player 10 “INSTALLER or INSTALATION package” as well. Take the folder & installer & copy them to the “SD Card” once completed, disconnect the phone from the Computer… then turn off the Phone.
    before you turn the phone back on, be sure to (press & hold) the Menue Button. once everything is up & running, go ahead 7 install Flash Player 10. it’ll now work on your browser of choice!

    Note: these methods may not work right away for you, but i’ve tryied them multiple times & each time i was able to succeesfully install & run “Plash Player 10”
    So Please Enjoy!!! (^__^)

  • another liar

    I have also found a way to use flash.

    Step One: Close your eyes and hope for flash.

    Step Two: Pretend to hold your android device and press the pretend download button

    Step Three: Leave your tooth under your pillow (wait for tooth fairy to give you quarter

    Step Four: Use said quarter to buy a gumball

    Step Five: Wait till Flash releases a beta because thats the only way we are getting flash. (unless Firefox Mobile completes a beta first)

  • Quintana

    will it i be able to use the flash player on my htc my touch 3g?

  • mario

    and what ? when flash will be abe to install on HTC G1 ?

  • devesh soowamber

    not good at all!!
    hw to install this fuky program

  • 40watt

    Y do all u keep complain and bitch about stuff? If your gna complain n bitch then you go to sku for computer programing and geta job at adobe and u work on the shit and u see how long the fucking things take! Dam! If u guys just wait and enjoy wat u have n shut up it will all come in due time!

    • grandmajulie

      Sweet nature!

  • kevin

    when the flash player can be used in android ?

  • bani

    I did not do anything to get my flash in my nexus one… i just waited and woola…. update froyo 2.2 build frf91 flash is flawless… steve job ate his word… that flash will not work on mobile phones….. and to all the ingrates that say flash must die… probably has an iphone…. sorry dude but youll never get one…. 85percent of the nets rich media…. is written in FLASH

  • Sachin

    I have search and found a actual reason due to which i am not able to see the videos in full scree.
    All videos in MP4 (H264) format will play with full screen with out any software on Android 2.2 Froyo. Do not download any Player Or Software to achive the same.

    Android Technology Rocks..

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  • huma khan

    I need to install adobe 10.1 in my tablet but can not find .who can help me please

  • grandmajulie

    It is November 2012 and both my galaxy devices will not work fully because adobe isn’t on the ball and who knows when they will get there.