Sense 4.5 with Jelly Bean RUU leaks for the HTC One X

There has been reports that some users actually have a leaked Jelly Bean build for the One X, but nothing has surfaced until now. Football just posted a test only build, which is version 3.00.999.7 and is a whopping 641MB. We are assuming this is for the international version of the One X only. One problem is that Football is urging us to not install it since it’s strictly a test build and is unstable.

And last but not least, this is highly unstable release, 999 ID means it’s only for test purposes and you shouldn’t use it for everyday usage.

If there is any good news out of this it’s that it means HTC is closer to releasing Jelly Bean. We can only hope this test build isn’t all that current and that they already have newer builds in the wild.

download link – not recommended for installation

source: xda

  • exocetdj

    Looks like the zip file is corrupt however, I couldn’t install it last night or extract anything from it

  • restless user

    how to install?

  • Maxim Mateyko

    Waiting a final release