[Rumor] Xperia Nexus from Sony, Optimus Nexus from LG and Galaxy Nexus II from Samsung might be in the works

If you remember, several months ago it was reported that Google would offer several Nexus devices later this year, and we reported that they would announce five such devices on Android’s 5th birthday. Since then the rumormill has been quiet except for this morning’s news on a Galaxy Nexus with some minor spec bumps. Just like last year at this time, the rumors started flowing hot and heavy, and it appears we are in for another ride.

This one is a rumor without a lot of meat because we really don’t have much to go on other than a few Japanese forums seem to be reporting about certain Nexus devices that might be hitting DoCoMo later this year. First up is the Xperia Nexus, which in a way doesn’t seem all that far fetched with the news that Google is working on supporting AOSP on the Xperia S. Sony makes great hardware, and I’m sure Google would love to work with them.

Next up is the Optimus Nexus from LG. I don’t have much to say other than if there will be several Nexus devices, this would be the last one I would buy.

Last but not least is the Galaxy Nexus II, which again doesn’t seem all that crazy when you consider the leak this morning of the “superior” Galaxy Nexus with the model number of GT-i9260.

Missing from the list is Motorola and HTC. Of course we all know that Google owns Motorola, and if there’s going to be one Nexus, it’s unlikely Motorola would be the chosen one. On the other hand, if there’s going to be multiple offerings, why wouldn’t Motorola be involved? The same goes for HTC as they did an excellent job with the Nexus One, so why wouldn’t they be involved? Of course both Motorola and HTC could still be involved, but it might be that the supposed leaker doesn’t have the information yet.

If you assume that there will be five devices this year, it’s not a crazy notion that the top five Android OEMs would be the chosen ones (all mentioned above). I guess time will tell, but put your seat belts on because this is only the beginning of about 3 months of crazy leaks and rumors. Who’s excited?

source: phonehk


About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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  • http://www.facebook.com/CharimanLaiWuJi YuXiang Laiwuji

    When will it be out? I’m changing my phone this year and i hope it does come out soon…

  • http://www.facebook.com/oliver.lorenzo.7 Oliver Lorenzo

    damn! i want a nexus!! xperia nexus or optimus nexus is sweet!

  • Lam_Ang

    How i wish there would be Nexus version of Xperia V, Razr i, and One X+.