Samsung’s Jelly Bean Update Schedule And Plans Leakded For Galaxy Smartphones


We know there are many new and existing owners of successful Samsung devices, but as Samsung continues to churn out new flagship devices– the old ones may be left in the cold and not subject to updates of the latest Android software. While it’s certain owners of the Galaxy S III are all clear for the Jelly Bean update, it looks like owners of both “older” devices such as the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S II will possibly be primed for some Jelly Bean lovin’ as well. SamMobile reports “the test firmwares for the Galaxy S III are passed and they are working on a public version of the first Jelly Bean updates for the Galaxy S III”. All that’s left now is the public version to be complete for the device as well as the OK from Google itself. The Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note currently has firmware that’s being tested by Samsung at this time and has been successful so far, but should Samsung decide against offering the full update for both devices— it would offer a Value Pack instead (sound familiar…?). And finally, the Galaxy Note 2 is currently running on Android 4.0 at this time and it’s not certain if Sammy will the Galaxy Note 2 will launch with ICS or Jelly Bean— if it does indeed launch with ICS, then the public can expect an update within a few months after the device’s initial release.

SamMobile also provided an unofficial guidance of if/when we can expect the Jelly Bean update for the respective Galaxy devices:


  • Galaxy S III – End Q3 – Start Q4
  • Galaxy S II – Q4
  • Galaxy Note – Q4
  • Galaxy Note II – begin Q4


We’re excited for Galaxy S III owners, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S II smartphones as well! Maybe then you won’t have to give up your old Galaxy phone to Sammy after all.

source: SamMobile


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  • bungadudu

    Didn’t we allready knew this? For… a month? :-)))

  • jdrulr

    Oh wow the sII while the almost identical infuse gets shafted at 2.3.? #fail good thing they don’t bother to look over at xda and see most galaxy devices have a jelly bean thread… *gasp* say it ain’t so…