Samsung offering buyback program for old phones if you buy a Galaxy device

If you are interested in getting your hands on a new Samsung Galaxy device, like the Samsung Galaxy S III or Samsung Galaxy Note, and could use some funds to help with the purchase, Samsung may have just what you need. Samsung recently announced a new buyback program via their Facebook page. You just provide information on the type of phone you are trading in, purchase a new Samsung device, send in your old phone, and Samsung promises you’ll receive a check within 30 days. It does appear the offer will apply retroactively to at least some purchases as Samsung indicates you only need to have your receipt ready.

A quick check of what Samsung is offering looks like they may be offering about two-thirds what you can get by selling your device yourself on eBay. That may be enough for some people who don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling their old phone. There are other buyback programs one can use to trade in their old phone, so it may be worth shopping around.

If you want to start the process, just hit the source link to visit the Samsung Facebook page for the offer.

source: Samsung Mobile USA Facebook

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    What a rip off.