A Jelly Bean Tablet for $150? Sort of.

An Indian company called Karbonn Mobiles has introduced a 7-inch Android tablet named the Smart Tab 1 sporting Jelly Bean 4.1, and it’ll only cost the equivalent of US $150. There are a long line of catches though, which will probably mean this isn’t going to be your next tablet. Read on for more.

First, there’s the fact that the tablet will only be available in India. Second, the spec list is just not very impressive, as expected for a tablet this cheap.

For one thing, it sports a single-core MIPS processor (most tablets run ARM processors) leading to some incompatibilities when it comes to apps. It also has a relatively weak 2MP rear-facing camera. There are no details about the screen resolution, but you can go ahead and assume the screen isn’t going to wow your eyeballs.

When compared to the Nexus 7, which has a quad-core Tegra 3, a high-resolution display, and retails for only $50 more, this is going to be a hard sell even at this price-point.

source: Karbonn Mobile 
via: PC World

  • andmobi

    well, nexus 7 is not available in india. so it is defn not a hard sell. google/samsung didnt release gnexus as well in india

    • Zomby2D

      Considering Samsung is not related in any way to the Nexus7, I’m not sure why you include them in there. The tablet is manufactured by Asus.

  • Tech17

    Well, if you go back to read the PR that announced this device and do the math correctly, I think you’ll find the retail price on the device is about $125, not $150. At least that’s what I found when I checked on the price. That’s not a bad price and likely to fall as volumes increase – which they surely will in India because there is very little on the market there at or below this price point. As someone else pointed out the Nexus 7 ASUS device is not even available there.

    I also looked into the specs when I caught the PR, Jelly Bean having piqued my interest. Here are some things I discovered:

    The screen resolution is 800×480 and it is a multi touch 5 point capacitive screen. The processor is a 1.2 GHz MIPS architecture processor. The device also ships with a binary translation capability – invisible to the user. That means it supports both a MIPS and ARM ABI for native applications, important for apps are written using NDKs or other native development tool chains.

    It clearly doesn’t have the screen of a Nexus 7 or the speed of a Tegra III. The main thing is that for $75 less than a Nexus 7 (or Kindle Fire) it is not all that bad. If the price falls (which I suspect it will just based on normal production costs shrinking as volume scales), it will become even more compelling.

    Other than this device and the Nexus 7, I have not seen any other new design JB tablets shipping yet (though the XOOM just got a JB OTA update). It’ll be interesting to see if this builds volume in India. If it does, it will probably add significant market share numbers to Android in the tablet space.

    • tinkuman

      I agree — this is great for India. Being from there — I was disappointed that the nexus7 was (a) not available here, (b) at a price point that is good – but not good enough.

      For the price of $125US (where did the OP get $150 from??) given the specs Tech17 listed above – this is a steal. And it’s jelly bean! Wow — impressive.

      Funny — I’m seeing big OEMs launch ICS tablets these days – kudos for an indian company and MIPS to help launch a jelly bean device to a market where volumes are high and price is important. From Karbonn’s website, it looks like they have some nice bollywood apps too – clearly thought went in to the product.

      I’ll take two …

      • http://twitter.com/Brianckramer Brian Kramer

        You guys are right, sorry about the wrong price. it’s about $125, and I agree until the Nexus 7 is offered, this is a compelling budget alternative.