Amazon Looking At Bigger And Better Things, Has Numerous Devices On The Way


As we wait… and wait… and wait for Amazon’s next big thing, Amazon makes it clear it’s looking at bigger and better things beyond that device in the near-future. According Demos Parneros, president of U.S. Retail for Staples Inc., Amazon will introduce up to five or six tablet SKUs (stock-keeping units). In addition, we’ll see devices of all types and sizes, such as a 10-inch model that has long been rumored. While there was no mention of this, it probably wouldn’t be too far fetched to see a long-awaited smartphone be among these devices that will be released by Amazon as well. To support that idea, it also looks like Amazon is employing the best and brightest to help develop and customize these new products. Reuters reports Amazon’s Lab126 research and design center in Silicon Valley has posted new job listings, which suggests Amazon is working on new mobile devices that will run on wireless carrier networks. To highlight this point even further, seven job postings by Lab126 in recent months sought hardware and software engineers who have experience with cellular products including cell phones and smart phones.

Ladies and gents, this is probably as big of a sign as it gets to show Amazon is really looking to stamp its mark as a major consumer brand among everyday folks.

source: Reuters