XBMC Coming Soon to Android


XBMC, the venerable home media software that began as an XBOX application way back in 2003 is coming soon to Android.  The software, if you’re not familiar is an open-source, cross-platform application that can run on just about anything.  XBMC will run as a standard Android application, and touch-friendly skins are already available to turn that rather large 10-foot interface into something a little more finger friendly.

Right now the source code is available if you’re brave enough to compile it on your own. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until the testing community and devs get the kinks worked out.

The XBMC consortium also mentioned that they’ve been working with the fine folks over at Pivos, which makes some pretty sweet Android-powered set-top boxes.


Android is becoming more and more prevalent in things that aren’t phones, and each new device type adds to the ecosystem and we all benefit, so this is great news.

This would run great on the Nexus Q as well I’d bet.


source: XBMC