Apple Issues Warning Letters To Retailers Regarding Samsung Galaxy Nexus And Galaxy Tab 10.1 Sales


There’s yet another development of the epic saga between two of the biggest manufacturing giants in the world. In some newly released documents, FOSS Patents has uncovered what is a mind-boggling move by Apple in order to deter any continued activity from Samsung. As Apple continues to go on the offensive towards the Korean giant, it has also set its targets on retailers. Yes, you read that correctly— Apple is now applying the pressure on retailers regarding the various Samsung “infringements”. Many of you have a perplexed look on your face, so let me explain: as Apple continues to press for court-ordered injunctions of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales, Samsung believes Apple is acting in what looks to be an unlawful manner. Samsung notes in a recent filing that Apple was actually sending out letters to third parties— otherwise known as retailers— about the court-ordered injunctions. In short, Apple sent do-not-sell letters to the various carriers and retailers that carry Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Tab 10.1. The same letters sent by Apple include actual copies of the court-ordered injunction and a postscript suggesting that the same retailers or sellers are “acting in concert” with Samsung by selling the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Nexus and effectively, must obey the court order.

Samsung wants the courts to see there is something significantly wrong with Apple’s latest tactics and goes so far as to call them “menacing”. More importantly– as long as there is no court ordered ban as of yet, Samsung believes the retailers should be able to sell the existing inventory of the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Tab 10.1 without any issue. While the various retailers are seemingly ignoring Apple’s warning, this is still a sad development in this ugly battle. Just when you think it couldn’t possibly get worse for both companies, it actually did.

You can see a sample transcript of Apple’s warning letters at the source links below.

source: FOSS Patents
via: The Verge



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  • Steve

    Apple need to grow up…

  • SebaKL

    Anyone else sense the insecurities and desperate attempt to protect the feeble and inferior product, by all means necessary? Obviously there is no contest in fair fight, if customers were allowed to choose on their own.

  • 1badAPPLEspoilsTHEbunch

    Sad …Pathetic…beginning of the end for apple’s dominance in mobile. They’ve already lost.

  • Lagnis

    iPhone and iPad using sheep will continue to buy and follow no matter what, but when Apple tries to litigate away the HEALTHY competition it is a bad sign. If you cant innovate, litigate. Shameful.

  • bdfull3r

    The ban on the Galaxy Nexus was lifted. This is Apple lying to retailers. Plus no one sells the original Galaxy Tab 10.1 anymore with the second generation available and the Note 10.1 coming soon.

  • Nameless

    The people at Apple have lost their minds. They’ve gone from a cool, young, hipster company to a petty, whiny, childish company. I can’t see how their current tactics will boost sales. They should spend less time in the courtroom and more time creating new, innovative products.

  • Angela Gamblin

    Makes me want to buy Android in general and GalaxyS in particular even more…lol. Whimsical. :-)

  • Chad

    Well there
    is it … Apple can’t compete any longer with its tired out products, so it is
    now reduced to injunctions and threats.
    What next? Injunctions against anyone and everyone who owns a Samsung

  • RTWright

    I can’t wait to hear how Apple has gone down and filed bankruptcy due to huge expenditures and over extending itself in areas even Microsoft never has. I mean really? Apple should have known, they were never going to hold the Mobile Leadership Title for long if they didn’t continue to improve the iPhone.

    All they do is do minor modifications to it, nothing major. Being proprietary ( No way to change battery or add more memory on your own without purchase of a new iPhone ) is one of their biggest flaws and lack of true customization for the user is the other. The very thing that hurt them the most was signing exclusively to AT&T at first, they broke from that a bit late in the game. That saved them, but has not helped in being competitive with Android devices.

    Apple is outnumbered ( Main because of all the different devices we have to choose from on Android ) and now out-classed. They should have known all along that someone would come out and do as good or better and give them a very tough challenge to face. But as all of you have said, they choose to litigate as apposed to innovate and that’s sad, very very sad!