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Google’s “Longest Day Deals” Discounts Great Apps For Just 99 Cents In The Play Store

Google has just launched the Longest Day Deals in the Play Store and has put many popular apps on sale for just 99 cents. This is a limited time sale, so grab these while you can! Now’s the time to snag that copy of Mass Effect Infiltrator you’ve been dying to try out. Or how about GTAIII? Can we interest you in some NBA Jam, perhaps?

With more than a dozen apps and games available for less than a buck, it’s worth checking out the Longest Day Deals page in the Play Store. For a full list of apps, head on past the break.

source: play store

  • Ickyfehmleh

    Mass Effect is “incompatible” with my newly purchased Asus Transformer TF300, with its Tegra3 processor and ICS?

    Good job EA!

  • Mei

    Already have FlightTack and Shazaam from last sale. This time, I have ordered Alarm Clock and couple of kids books for my nephews. I’m sucker for sales. xD