Samsung Galaxy S III Plays Well With Others


The Samsung Galaxy S III is already one of the most capable phones out there, and now we’re hearing even more about its capability to use external accessories via the microUSB port. XDA user NZtechfeak has done some testing and discovered that the latest and greatest from Samsung will play USBHost to XBOX 360, PS3 and Wii controllers, as well as portable hard drives, flash drives, keyboards, mice and more.  You’ll need a USB-To-Go adapter to make it all work, but after that the integration is seamless.  See the video after the break showing the possibilities…

You can see in the following video that the SGSIII has no trouble running multiple devices using a USB hub.  It also has enough juice to power an external hard drive, a first for any phone as far as we can tell.  The phone also supports USB-Audio out, which allows high quality audio to be output to a device of your choosing.  All of these devices mentioned work out of the box, no rooting, flashing or hacking required.  It really looks like Samsung has set the bar in terms of flexibility and versatility for phone.

source: XDA

About the Author: Brian Kramer

Brian Kramer is a photographer in St. Louis. He has been interested in mobile devices and technology since the WinMo 2003 era and has been using android since the HTC Dream came on the scene. Rumors are he even owned an iPhone for a while, but these rumors cannot be confirmed.

  • Rai

    Bought it last week heheh will try all that sooon

  • समीर शाह

    Wow!!! Bravo, Samsung!!! When other manufacturers are always thinking of what to take away from you, Samsung gives you all these…

  • None

    This may explain why it doesn’t use the stanfard mhl. I’m not yet 100% convinced they had to break a standard to allow for these new features. Perhaps the intent was to support a USB host and mhl cord as one. If that is the case they still haven’t come out with it and are looking to profit from single cables first.

    You see what happens when you poison the well Samsung, everything after feels like it is poisoned.

  • Murray Winiata

    Basic reporting tip for Talk Android – the source for this should be cited as follows:
    Source: AndroidNZ via XDA

    • BK553

      Sorry Murray, didn’t see a link to AndroidNZ anywhere on the XDA page.

  • corporate video sydney

    Samsung Galaxy SIII is best performance. There are play with other device like XBOX 360, PS3 and other.