Samsung’s S Voice And Apple’s Siri Go Head To Head In A Battle Down Under


The iPhone 4S vs. Galaxy S III debate is a seemingly endless debate and we now have another face-off adding fuel to the intense rivalry. Sure we’ve already seen Siri go up against other Android devices— but a savvy user took some time to pit two of the most popular devices in the world against each other. While Sammy’s S Voice is nearly identical to Siri in every way, S Voice touts itself as the greatest virtual personal assistant in the world. Despite Sammy’s claim, each virtual assistant matched one another in almost every possible way— though S Voice was able to give navigation in the user’s home country of Sydney, Austrailia… while the iPhone 4S was unable to give directions unless the user is in the U.S. Looks like Sammy will have something more to brag about until Apple addresses the minor shortfall in Siri— which would perhaps be found in the latest iOS 6 update I suppose.

Enough chit chatter— you’ll see the battle in action once you hit past the break.


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source: Phandroid

  • SebaKL

    I need to pick up some cool accent like that dude in the video, because whenever I try to use SIRI, is like talking to a friend, very drunk friend, in a very laud club.

    I say; “direction to Kuala Lumpur City Center”
    siri; “the ocean the compasse anthem” ?

    I say; “set up alarm for 9 o’clock”
    siri; “set my alarm for mirror”…..

    I’m amazed with his success rate. My friends and I, get roughly 1 out of 8. 

  • SamsaraGuru

    Both systems seemed to function about equally well.

    Samsung’s Voice gives what appear to be more comprehensive, engaged answers, whereas Siri is a bit more akin to Jack Webb on the old Dragnet series “Just the facts mam.”

    For the present it would not be a deal breaker for me; a nice little extra but hardly something to get too excited about.