Sensordrone will give your smartphone or tablet a sixth sense and beyond

Kickstarter seems to be the rage these days so here’s another project worth mentioning. Sensorcon has created what’s called Sensordrone, It can fit on your keychain and monitor your environment. It will connect with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth which will allow you to run hundreds of apps to find out things like air quality, carbon monoxide levels, if there is a gas leak, your child’s temperature, and so much more.

They already have various apps that will use various sensors. For example the capacitance sensor is used as a stud finder, a liquid level monitor, or even a proximity monitor. The pressure sensor can be used as a barometer, a blood pressure monitor, and more. The humidity sensor can help you prevent mold and so much more.

The Sensordrone is compact and made of both plastic and metal. You don’t need to configure a thing. Just run the appropriate app and it works.

It’s not just about the data either. The Sensordrone can help you make decisions. For example, it will tell you the level of carbon monoxide, but it will also give you an Air Quality Index guide to let you know you if it’s below or above average or how close to the threshold it might be.

There’s also automatic sharing. For example if you use it as a breathalyzer and you fail, it will automatically call your pre-assigned designated driver. You can also share any data you receive via Facebook, Twitter, Email, and more. It will even log your data so you can see a history over time.

Sensorcon already met their goal of $25,000 and then some. So far they are at $35,154 with 39 days to go. They already sold out of their $149 package, which guaranteed you a unit in September. You can still jump in for $175 for an October delivery. This is a steal when you consider all the sensors they are including would probably cost about $925 if purchased separately. Check out the video, and for more information hit the source link below.



source: kickstarter
via: androidpolice 




The Sensordrone can give you data anywhere you go.  Maybe you’ll find a gas leak or a polluted area and want to share that information with your colleagues. Maybe you’ll use it as a breathalyzer after having too many drinks and it will automatically have your phone call a designated driver.  Since the Sensordrone is essentially an extension of your internet connected smartphone or tablet, you can easily share vital data via your preferred web service. This includes Twitter, Facebook, sensor sites like Pachube, and much more.


The sensors in Sensordrone don’t just give you data, they guide you to smart decisions. Sensor apps will teach you, help you, and guide you. You’ll be informed enough to demand action. For example, the carbon monoxide sensor will measure carbon monoxide, but combine that with an Air Quality Index guide, and you’ll get much more information than just a number.

About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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