Sprint’s Touch Wallet is closer to reality thanks to leaked presentation slides

Last week we reported that Sprint was looking to develop their own NFC-based mobile wallet. Now we have a couple of leaked presentation slides to prove the validity that Sprint is seriously looking to launch something soon. The slides show McDonald’s Macy’s, Target, Dick’s and Barnes & Noble as possible retailers. We don’t know if they’re actually signed up or just examples. As to financial partners we have no idea.

The interface itself does resemble Google Wallet, and interestingly enough, Sprint is the only U.S. carrier that supports Google Wallet. That will be up until this launches because it’s unlikely Sprint can support both services.

I don’t know about you, but this doesn’t impress me whatsoever. First of all Sprint is one of the worst networks in the U.S. Second of all, I can’t stand carrier only apps. When it comes to mobile payments, we need something universal that works across all carriers and phones. I’m not saying Google Wallet is the answer, but something like it has to be. Hit the break for one more slide.

source: androidcentral



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