HTC already installed ‘work around’ software to prevent infringement of Apple patents

HTC was off to a great start this year, but just hit a bump in the road when the U.S. Customs halted shipments of the Sprint EVO 4G LTE and the AT&T One X due to violations with Apple patents. It also caused a delay for the EVO 4G LTE launch, which was supposed to be in stores starting tomorrow. It all surrounds the messaging and browser app, in which a pop up of options appears when tapping a link. For example you might get a choice of which email client to use when tapping on an email address. This infringes on Apple patent #5,946,647.

The interesting thing is that HTC already removed these pop ups with both the Sprint EVO 4G LTE and the AT&T One X. Not only that, there is an App Associations menu (pictured above and below) that allows you to choose default apps to be associated with certain items. So when tapping on an email address, you can set Gmail to be the default or the stock Email app.

I’ve tested this on both my EVO 4G LTE and AT&T One X, and I can confirm that you won’t get a pop up to choose applications. In the case of the EVO 4G LTE, I did get a pop up, but it was to open an email client. For whatever reason the default application for emails was set to the stock email application (in the App Associations menu). I didn’t have one set up so it asked me what type of email account I wanted to add. See below:

Whether these changes will appease the U.S. Customs or not is unclear, but I don’t understand why this wouldn’t have been approved beforehand so we wouldn’t have to deal with this mess?

source: theverge

About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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  • RTWright

    Apple just needs to burn to the ground for all I care anymore.  They’re doing nothing but getting away with what people claimed Microsoft was with Internet Explorer.  Sadly this will not go away because they have their hands in the Government pocket and someone is getting kickbacks for siding with Apple, I promise.

    That popup BS link? That’s always been used in OS’s for a long time.  It’s how when you click on a link in any Windows OS, it opens up the appropriate Software for it.  It was that way on the old Palm devices as well.  Oh but Apple can get away with stealing from others but don’t anyone come close to theirs as they can’t stand competition.

    As I stated in several posts, Apple could easily regain stability by becoming more flexible with their iOS and Devices using it.  But they wont, they’re too dang ignorant and stupid.  It’s all about being OUR way or NO way at all.  People have this belief that Apple does no wrong and they only make the best.  Wait till you work in the graphics industry where their computers go down just as much as PC’s, but you can fix the PC’s yourself ( IT staff of said company ) and you have to send the Apple computers out.  Only to have them to come back with the same problems 90% of the time.  Apple is not all that and a bag of cookies!

  • Lovemedear

    apple sux. i swear all my life. no apple again
    sofar i have bought. iphone 1, iphone 3gs, iphone 4 and ipad1 and ipad2.
    that’s end of my relationship with this damn bastard apple. damn you steve jobs. rest in hell