Google plans to present several Nexus devices from multiple manufacturers by Q4 of 2012

Word on the street is that Google is shifting gears when it comes to its Nexus line of Android smartphones. Ever since the release of the HTC Nexus One, Google has always partnered with one single manufacturer in the development of their Nexus handsets. They attempted to sell the Nexus One through their website only, but the carrier subsidies proved too financially significant for many consumers to justify buying a phone at full retail price, at least here in the States. So with the Nexus S and the Galaxy Nexus, the big “G” decided to go with specific carrier releases, while at the same time, giving up quite a bit of control on what content would be pre-loaded and if and when updates would ever make it to the phones. Along with those issues, Google’s decision to work solely with one manufacturer for their Nexus phone created a bit of tension in the mobile arena with other manufacturers feeling less favored. All in all, Google certainly felt that their master plan for Android was not playing out exactly the way they had hoped.

Now Google has a new plan that should bring about some pretty big changes. For one, no more favoritism will be displayed when it comes to the next Nexus phone. Google is expected to collaborate with up to 5 different manufactures that will be given access to the latest Android OS version, Jelly Bean. They will construct their own personal Nexus device that is to be distributed once again through Google’s website and possibly through various carriers as well with an expected release date around Thanksgiving. It’s reported that the phones will be GSM technology, making it easier for most consumers to have more choice so not be stuck with a contract or the limiting phone selection of their respective carrier.

To be able to have more stock android options and more avenues of purchasing them is a really big improvement if Google can pull it off. The company recently dropped the price of the Galaxy Nexus to $400 on their website a few weeks ago and the results have been very pleasing. If Google can find the right price for these devices, they should be able to turn some heads and make consumers reconsider signing another 2 year contract for a discount. Greater support and adoption of this business model only means that the Android customer experience will be greatly improved with Google now in complete control of updates.

So is this gonna work? Who would buy a Nexus now given this new information? What about CDMA carriers like Sprint and Verizon? Let your thoughts be heard in the comments below.

source: WSJ



About the Author: Tony Rosario

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  • Joe Bowden

    honestly, how can you say “most consumers” when Verizon uses CDMA/LTE and is the largest carrier in the United States? Locking into GSM I think would be an Apple-level of short-sightedness from Google, because that would not only alienate the U.S. but also South Korea and Japan, which are HUGE markets.

    • Jhamp


    • Nudo

      I’m sure Google will figure something out :)

  • Supreme77g

    Vanilla and OS updates though
    Google play.
    I’m buying.

  • TZAR v.o.r

    I’m enjoying Verizons robust LTE network but I have no loyalty to these carriers anymore. Whoever has a Nexus device made by HTC is where I’ll be. Loved the Nexus One’s build quality. I just hope it’s quad core with a 720p 4.65″-4.8″ RGB oled screen.

  • Jhamp

    I would pay full price for a nexus, but it has to work on my cdma carriers network. C spire wireless simply has the best service and lowest cost plans in mississippi. I will never switch, but would love to have a pure google phone. Torn! So wtf…