Check Out the Galaxy S III Flip Cover, Spare Battery Charging Dock, and C-Pen on Video

While we told you yesterday that the Galaxy S III would be receiving full accessory treatment we’ve decided to entice you just a little bit more with some video coverage of the accessories in action. The folks over at MobileFun were nice enough to get some video footage of these accessories and thought they’d share it with the world. And we thought we’d share it with you folks.

As we told you before the device will have a cover, spare battery/phone dock, and C-Pen stylus to use. While the wireless charging kit will be delayed until the end of the summer we hope that the videos of the other official accessories in action will be enough to tide you over until they actually become available. As of right now there isn’t word on pricing or word on release dates however it would be expected that we see a release of these items close to the May 30th launch of S III. As soon as we find out we’ll let you know.


Check out the videos after the break:


Galaxy S III Flip Cover

Galaxy S III C-Pen

Galaxy S III Spare Battery and Charging Dock

source: MobileFun UK
via: Android Community

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  • Paul Roberts

    it says Galaxy S III C-Pen but he’s talking about the S-pen?

    • Jack Holt

      It’s the C-Pen for being a capacitive style device based off the S-Pen. The S-pen is the distinctive stylus for the Galaxy Note.

      • Valeriebeeby

        I was hoping the C Pen would have a firm tip like the S Pen for my Galaxy Note, but it seems it is to be squashy, which is not so good for writing or drawing. 

  • Johnblogcommenting

    The Galaxy S3 is another great innovation of Samsung. But I believe you don’t have to go that far just for a mobile phone. I mean, thee are a lot of functions that you can live without. Most of the specifications of mobile phones today are all for show, for a status symbol.