AT&T Shuts The Doors On Ability To Unlock Bootloader For HTC One X Smartphone


We know the AT&T HTC One X is one beast of a device, but could AT&T’s policies deter the masses from buying the LTE variant of the smartphone? Apparently AT&T is being conservative with the device by not allowing owners of the phone to flash any type of ROM onto the device. Curious wizkid Paul O’Brien at MoDaCo recently attempted to flash a custom ROM onto the device, but was denied the ability to unlock the bootloader. Specifically— when he reached one of the final steps before unlocking the bootloader, he was greeted with the following “MID ERROR 160″ notification:


As you can see, the action of unlocking the bootloader is clearly “not allowed”. Of course this could be a minor gaffe or snaffu on AT&T’s part, so we could very well see an update from HTC addressing this like it has done with its other devices— especially considering the European and Canadian versions of the LTE smartphone don’t have a locked bootloader. The battle of unlocking AT&T One X smartphones continues for now as AT&T owners of the HTC One X won’t be able to flash any type of ROM on their device.

source: MoDoCo
via: Phandroid

  • pdaddy29

    Fuck AT&T!

  • Therealestmc

    Great phone but I will be getting the s3. ATT sucks.

  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    Only in the US, it seems, is your choice of phone dictated by your choice of carrier. Just about everywhere else in the world, you can buy a phone unencumbered of any carrier ties, and switch carriers just by swapping SIM cards.

    Which phone markets are more competitive: those where the authorities have mandated GSM as a standard, or those where they simply sat back and “let the market decide”? You tell me.