The Survey Says… Most Americans Don’t Plan To Use Mobile Payment Systems

With the competition heating up in the mobile payment space (Google Wallet vs ISIS), one would think it’s something we’re all clamoring for. But a recent study from the University of California, Berkeley, concludes that Americans are not quite feeling the “pay with your phone” vibe yet. The study, funded by Nokia, surveyed 1,203 adult internet users in the U.S. and found that 74 percent say they do not plan on using a mobile payment system due to privacy concerns.

Other notable findings include:

  • 96 percent of respondents are against any system which uses their phones to track them while they shop
  • 81 percent object to sharing their phone numbers or home addresses with a retailer during a mobile payment transaction
  • 51 percent object to sharing their email address with a retailer during a mobile payment transaction

It’s hard to say whether this study is truly representative of how America feels about mobile payments. Most new smartphones are now coming equipped with NFC chips, and more retailers are beginning to support at least one of the mobile payment services out there, so it’s difficult to believe manufacturers and retailers are preparing for something no one wants. To me, it’s more likely that people may not THINK they want something while answering a survey, but when the service is actually available and marketed properly, they take the plunge. In other words, no one really knows.

Would you use your smartphone as a payment method? Let us know in the comments!

source: social science research network
via: the verge


About the Author: Ed Caggiani

Originally from the East Coast, Ed now makes his home in San Jose, California. His passion for technology started with his first ColecoVision and Atari gaming systems, and has grown stronger through Tandy computers, IBM clones, Palm Pilots, and PocketPCs. Ed's love for Android began with his first HTC Hero, then blossomed with the original Evo 4G, and now the Evo 3D and Motorola Xoom. He graduated from Syracuse University with a B.S. in Communications, and is now a professional User Experience Designer working in Silicon Valley. In his spare time, Ed enjoys video games, jamming on guitar, and spending time with his wife, two cats, and Logitech Revue.

  • Zulbiadi Latief

    oh….it suprise for me…

  • AJ Smith

    We don’t shop online either.  It’s not safe.

  • jlschulz098

    People like you are the reason things fail. What a idiot to say a study means people don’t know what they want. I would never use a pay by phone nor would I give out any personal information to a merchant. I DO know what I want and I have no issue pulling out my debit car to get it.

    • Ed Caggiani

      Hey, I was just giving an opinion, no need for name calling. All I’m saying is that some people answer surveys one way and do something different in real life. Not saying everybody does, but some do.