Verizon Reportedly Has Summer And Fall Roadmap Set For 2012


While Verizon always has a stacked Android lineup, it has to ensure it has the latest and greatest devices by keeping things fresh and up to date. To that end, it looks like Big Red is all set for its Summer and Fall lineup for 2012. For starters, it does indeed plan on carrying a version of the anticipated Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone, which we’ll assume will be a 4G LTE variant and will likely arrive this summer. As a follow-up, Verizon does indeed plan on carrying yet additional Motorola DROID RAZR models, perhaps models that have a bigger screen in HD and no capacative buttons? Finally, Verizon does indeed plan on carrying a phablet-type device, but not from Samsung. Instead, HTC is reportedly working on a device with a monstrous 5-inch screen with 1080P display, a quad-core Krait CPU and an Adreno 320 GPU, HTC Sense 5 and a Scribe pen.

Well, it looks like those of you needing to upgrade your phones this year will have at least a few good options of throwing down some of your hard earned coins. You folks excited at the idea of what’s to come from Verizon?

source: BGR

  • RonD45

    After the lack of support for the HTC Flyer/EVO view, I have trouble trusting HTC to do a decent job supporting a 5 inch tablet with Sense 5 and a Scribe pen.