Chrome for Android To Lose Beta Label In A Matter Of Weeks

Google Chrome for Android Beta has been out for only a couple of months but has already proven to be a very capable browser. Recent updates have added the ability to view the desktop versions of web sites as well as adding bookmarks to the browser’s home tab, not to mention the usual round of bug squashing. Senior Vice President of Chrome and Apps Sundar Pichai had the following to say in an interview.

We launched beta 2. We addressed a few things. Mainly right now, I’m driven by bug quality and stability. We are triaging, tracking, and trying to make it very stable. It is in a matter of weeks.

Chrome for Android is only available for devices running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, a relative rarity in the Android ecosystem, but it has gotten very high marks by users of the platform. Check out our own review of the browser.

source: cnet

  • Steve Pontius

    If you can’t hide the omnibar, it’s still a no go.  Screen real estate is valuable people!