How Does Your Carrier Rank In PC Worlds’ Recent 4G/3G Speed Test?

According to a recent speed test conducted by PC World, we now have some respectable carrier speed test results to make an honest comparison. I am sure many of you like myself have wondered exactly which carrier provides the faster 4g and 3G speeds for us end consumers. If so, check out the following results as obtained by PC World. Tests were completed over 13 cities and should show a fairly accurate average although your personal results may vary depending on location…

The clear winner in 4G download speeds was AT&T at an average of 9.12Mbps only to be closely tailed by Verizon with an average of 7.35Mbps. T-Mobile took the third spot with an average of 5.53Mbps down with their HSPA+42 network while Sprint came in last registering an average of 2.81Mbps. As far as 4G upload speeds go, well, Big Red took this one with an average of 5.86Mbps up with AT&T trailing at 4.91Mbps. T-Mobile and Sprint followed with 1.32Mbps and .97Mbps respectively. Bring 3G into the mix and T-Mobile is the carrier to beat. Scoring an average of 3.84Mpbs down on their HSPA+21 network and a 1.32Mbps average upload speed.

Although Sprint came in dead last in all the mag’s speed tests, they hope to change those results with their upcoming 4G network. Sure the speed increase is going to be nice, but how long will it take them to roll out the service to as many customers as Verizon already reached? You got a bit of work ahead of you, Sprint, and we wish you luck!

You can check out the rest of the 3G test results below, and if you want to read the full report go ahead and click the source link down there, too.

source: PC World
via: The Verge

About the Author: Stacy Bruce

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  • trebills

    I get an average of 14.2 down and 8.8 up on Verizon lte on gnex in Seattle area. This calculation is based on 37 tests from the speed test app over the last 3 months.

  • Sisconda

    I get 19.17 down and 13.23 up on Verizon LTE in San Francisco area,

  • chilimac02

    AT&T kills it in Texas. Here in the metroplex (DFW) I get over 20 down and over 10 up all the time. My best was 41.4up and 23.2down. pretty crazy stats bro

  • SpawnofSociety

    Verizon / SW VA
    Connection Type: Lte
    Server: Shelby, NC
    Download: 19.70 Mbps
    Upload: 12.10 Mbps
    Ping: 85 ms

  • Emunny05

    Boston mass att LTE- 50mbps was my fastest so far. Average around 25/30mbps

  • Guest

    I get an average of .2 mbps (You read that correctly) with T-Mobile 3G in my area.  Painful to use.  How I wish to see the numbers you guys talk about.

    • Googlemandy5

      thats more likely edge network (2G) and not 3G

  • EviLRome0

    on my SGS2 with T-Mobile i generally see 7.5Mbps+ down and 2.3Mbps up. I am in the burbs outside of philly and i test from multiple locations.