Try Not To Hold Your Breath: Another Leaked Image Of The “Samsung Galaxy S III” Smartphone Surfaces

It’s been a little while since we heard some Samsung Galaxy S III rumors, so let’s jump right in with the latest gossip, shall we? An anonomyous user claims to have taken a picture of an actual Galaxy S III used for testing purposes. As you can see here, the device pictured has a 5-row icon display (which is frustratingly censored) and a home button complimenting the bigger screen size. Oh and if you look carefully— it looks like there’s pure Android 4.0 as seen in the program tray, no view of TouchWiz in sight.

Of course this device could end up being the actual Galaxy S III design, but it’s more likely that this pictured device is not the upcoming smartphone, but rather the product of a badly done Photoshop job. For example, the display isn’t parallel with the screen and there’s a broken blue line in the screen. But no worries though gang, we’ll continue to keep our eyes and ears on the lookout for any upcoming updates and/or sightings of the Galaxy S III.

source: pocketnow


  • Superduty1985

    Looks like the gs2 lte model

  • Matthew

    I’m sure why you crossed out “badly done” for the Photoshop Job.  That’s absolutely terrible work.

  • strange

    Looks also like the Galaxy Wifi 4.2