HTC One X and One S ready for Pre-Order in the UK

We have some good news for UK Android fans itching to get their hands on HTC‘s, 4.7″ quad-core monster. UK high street retailer, phones4u has updated its website with the option to pre-order both the One X and One S from today.

2011 was a¬†turbulent year for HTC and its own executive team would be the first to admit it.¬†As the manufacturer of the first ever Android phone, the first ever Nexus device and ultra successful devices such as the Hero and Desire range, it must have been a bitter pill to swallow seeing Samsung take its place as the king of the Android hill. The Korean giant has produced two Nexus devices in a row and has seen its Galaxy line of devices sell like hotcakes across the world. 2012 may well be the year that HTC strikes back and the new ‘One’ range is certainly equipped to bring the fight.

If you’re ready to get a pre-order in then click the links below and be sure to tell us your thoughts on the HTC’s new range in the comments.


HTC One X pre-order

HTC One S pre-order

  • Anonymous

    I already pre ordered the One X from Clove.UK. Way ahead of you

  • Henry Floyd

    The HTC One X looks good in white. Actually, this is the first time I acknowledged an HTC phone.