[Leak] Oh Wait, Maybe This is the Samsung Galaxy S III?

It’s time to throw yet another Galaxy S III leak/rumor on the ever growing pile of back-fence talk. This most recent image was supposedly leaked by a “respectable” (aka untrustworthy) Samsung employee who decided to share it with one of his good buddies. That good buddy then decided to share it with his good buddies on the world of Reddit which brings us to where we are now, buddies! According to the person who obtained this image there is even a little BS back story to go along with it:

I am using a throwaway and I’m not going to disclose ANY information about his job because it could jeopardize it. He sent me this picture (I know, he shouldn’t have used the flash but i guess we will take what we can get). Ok he gave me some specs as well. He said that it will possibly have two optional launchers, ICS with touchwiz overlay and vanilla ICS. They aren’t 100 percent sure if they will stick with touchwiz or have the dual launcher option. If they go dual, you will have the option of picking which one to use at startup, and you can change any time. He said it has a 4.7 inch screen that nearly takes up the whole phone, but some bezel space was needed for the camera, , speakers, mic, and so cases would fit on it. He said it WILL be HD and have a ceramic “micro arc oxidation” back.

He said the processor is a quad core exynos (spelling?) 4412. The screen is Super Amoled Plus with HD. The camera is a 12 megapixel with flash. 2 gigs of ram. And it is exactly 8 millimeters thick, and no bump this time around, just “smooth”. 2250 milla-amp/hour battery, but no wireless charging.

So what do you think? Real, fake? One thing that’s interesting is that it looks awfully similar to the ‘press render’ that was leaked by Edgar Murtazin, and its black version seen last week. At this point I really don’t know what to think but I was kinda starting to like the looks of yesterday’s ‘leaked’ GSIII over this one. This phone surely will not sit well with Apple and their desire to sue over the likeness to iProducts. I think Sammy would have learned their lesson by now. Thoughts?

source: Reddit


  • Dipito31

    If Samsung actually let you choose your launcher and with that massive battery, i think they will definitely kill HTC then.

    • Paul Roberts

      they already did let you choose the launcher my SGS from Orange UK let me choose touchwiz or an Orange themed launcher.

  • http://www.klingoon.com/ Price Comparison Website

    It is one of the tablets that I like.

  • http://twitter.com/se7en214 Joel Q

    We got a BEAST here.