Moneto NFC Kit and Android Market App Out Now for Select Android Devices

During CES this year we told you about Moneto, an NFC MicroSD card that gives NFC capabilities to the NFC-less. By using a microSD card with an NFC chip built in and its tailor made app you can use your phone to pay for purchases much like other NFC wielding phones. They first gave a 4-6 month timeline before we’d see these available but it appears thats the folks at Moneto are ahead of the game slightly.  They have released compatible versions for the Galaxy S line of phones ranging from the Fascinate and I9100 to the Epic 4G. It’s safe to say that more phones will see support in the future.

They’ve also released an app into the Android Market that will allow you to make use of this NFC kit. If you are a Galaxy S variation owner you can head on over to the Moneto web site via the source below to purchase the kit. Currently you can get a 1GB MicroSD card, booster sticker, prepaid debit card, and $10 pre-loaded on the account for $29.95.  If you’re interested you can hit the break below to download the app that will help turn your phone into a mobile wallet. As both LG and Sony are doing their own NFC gigs it’s safe to say that NFC is here to stay. If you’re still waiting for an upgrade and are dying to get NFC then this is the way to go. Enjoy!

Android Market Link

source: Moneto

About the Author: Jack Holt

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  • A 1GB SD card?  So what are u supposed to do about storage?  Not gonna sacrifice my storage for one feature that a simple card can already do.

  • The maximum storage capacity is only 1 GB? Can it be upgraded?

  • Samsung s2

    Looks awesome. Already have 32gigs so storage is not a problem