Limited Edition Droid RAZRs Offered to Verizon Employees


The lucky ducks who work for Verizon will have the opportunity to buy a limited edition Motorola Droid RAZR or RAZR MAXX. An employee at Verizon disclosed the details on this limited edition run in an email, including a free dock and a unique black and red pattern. They will also have “Limited Edition” engraved on the front, and a unique number engraved on the back. The employees can score this deal for $99 for a 16GB RAZR or $199 for a 32GB RAZR MAXX. They should be available sometime in April.

Source: Android and Me

  • Anonymous

    Are these prices for a 2-yr contract?

    • Joe S

      Probably not, those prices are for employees only.  Most company’s (carriers) do not give their employees contracts but rather have them on a good faith basis.  And as long as they are paying their bill and in good standing they’ll continue to have service and no contract until they leave the company.  I work for a major carrier (not Vz) and that’s how it’s done there.  .  

      • That isn’t true…There are still contracts, but usually shorter than the norm. This, for example, will probably give them a 1 year contract, upgradable in 10 mos. You should probably work for a carrier before speaking for them…

        • Jack Holt

          I ask, did you miss the part where he wrote ” I work for a major carrier (not Vz) and that’s how it’s done there.”

  • Bruno R. Masetto

    Strange. The back with the red and black pattern seems to belong to a RAZR (not the MAXX).

    • Anonymous

      You are right, it is the DROID RAZR, we corrected.

  • Fingers crossed i can get someone i know to buy me one. 

  • Kev

    anyone know if this is only VZW employees or all VZ employees?

  • Ladyg0301

    I got me one. I pray it’s worth the hype!!!