CyanogenMod Team Wasting No Time After Ice Cream Sandwich’s Source Code Was Released

With the recent release of the precious Ice Cream Sandwich source code, the CyanogenMod team took off like dogs at the race once the gate’s are opened.  The team is hoping to get CyanogenMod9 up and running on some lucky Android device in about two months time.

..and we’re off. check back in 2 months :)  #cm9  #ics

The above quote was released on Cyanogen’s official Twitter account today and we can tell it sure got some folks speculating as to which device might be the first to get it and which are to follow.  Feel free to sound off in the comments below as to which device you’d like to see the OS gracefully hijack.  We’re looking forward to seeing what the team can do with this and which devices it can manage to pack the awesome OS into.  Stay tuned as you’ll be the first to know once they announce the “chosen one”.

[via Twitter]

  • Vile

    HTC G2!

  • Ion

    2 months???
    That seems like a lot of time.
    I was hoping for something like… 2 days!?!

  • Eric

    The galaxy s and s2 will be the most likely to get the cm7 first

  • Rosjer

    I’m pretty sure the Desire HD will be one of the earliest to recive a port, kahli- and his team has been excellent for providing ports for previous releaces.

  • nekto

    Droid3 please!

  • android_nexus

    Samsung galaxy s2 fiesta!

  • Bryce

    Evo 3D plz!

  • Bbest83

    Samsung Epic 4G!!