Meet Iris – “Yeah, that is Siri in reverse.”

Introducing Iris; your new intelligent Android assistant. Talk to Iris about anything and listen to its wisdom.

Android developers sure do know how to mock Apple, as clearly evidenced by this new addition from developer, Dexetra, to the android market. You may be familiar with Dexetra already for their former claim to fame, the “Friday” app. Their latest, Iris, is a direct play on Apple’s Siri. In fact, it’s an acronym for Intelligent Rival Imitation of Siri. Iris talks to you in a conversational manner about whatever topic you desire; Philosophy, Culture, History, Science to general conversation. I’ve tried it myself* and it works pretty decent, and it even has a bit of personality. You may get a few oddball responses but understand the app is still alpha. The real kicker of this story is that, Siri, the main attraction of Apple’s iPhone 4S announcement, was imitated on Android with a mere 8 hours of work, according to the developers. Looks to me like some Siri-ous alternatives are taking shape… Ok, maybe that was lame, but really there are a lot of alternatives to Siri on Android right now. We wrote a comparison of Siri and Android’s built in speech controls earlier in the month while at the same time offering up some examples of alternative apps; apps such as Vlingo, Voice Actions, and Eva. By the way if you are already using Androids built in voice search tool, here’s a quick tip. Long pressing the search key can automatically launch the voice controls. Nifty right?

Update: Leave a comment with something funny she said :D

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Screen shots from within the app after the break.

*I admittedly found a secluded place to try this app out. It still feels weird to me to talk at my phone in a public setting. How do you feel about talking to your phone?

[via XDA]

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  • KCRWreck

    I just downloaded Iris and tried it with the question “What are the three closest pizza places to me?”. Iris came back with “Protoss, Zerg, and Terran”.

  • I tried this app out and though a bit slow to retrieve data, it still is pretty nifty. I took it as a mock and not as a real competition to SIRI, thus making it all the more fun.

  • angelo

    Yes its odd talking to your phone. Inside the car is the best place to test the app.

  • juan

    Ok first off Iris sucks, it does not compare to the iPhones siri. But honestly are really gonna buy a phone just because you can conversate with? I’m not. I love my android phone and I’m looking forward to getting the galaxy nexus. I love that my phone supports flash player, full HTML web pages and above all I love the free apps from Google like maps. Where else can you get a free turn by turn navigation? Its time we realize that android has surpassed apple. I mean yeah siri is cool but I’ve time by without it and I can keep going without it

  • android enthusiast

    Ummm you guy realize this app is still in alpha right?
    Don’t expect much until it’s out of beta.
    That’s why most developers don’t release alpha versions to the general public, people try it and say “Nah, this app doesn’t work very well” and instead of waiting for a stable build they just dismiss the app as trash.

  • Guest

    It got all these 100% wrong:
    What’s 3+3?
    What’s 3*3?
    What is the local time?
    What day is it?
    What’s on TV?
    What is the weather for today?
    Who play Gomer Pyle?
    What actor played Gomer Pyle?

  • Guest

    > Ummm you guy realize this app is still in alpha right?

    It should publicly state right on their main screen:
    > Will only answer 0-5% of your questions correctly.

    That’s called “being honest and accurate”.

  • Guest

    You should never brag about how *LITTLE* effort you put into your work.

    Does the user really care that you threw it together in 1 day?

  • lrd

    Oh, boy. More Android fragmentation on the way Google.
    Apple’s Siri is integrated within the OS. That’s what makes it worth while.
    For example,set timer to 10 minutes or wake me up at 6 am tomorrow morning.
    Good luck with the hack.

  • davros_62

    Google Voice API’s ARE integrated into Android.

    Siri was a 3rd party app that Apple packaged with IOS, not teh same as native integration into IOS.

    FWIW there are at least two competitors to Siri that have been available to Android for some time that can do both of the tasks you propose.

    Voice Actions, from Pannous, and Vlingo

    Incidentally older iPhones can get them both too…

  • Pete

    Lots of LOLS but it got one right “How tall is Kevin Keegan”

  • Davros_62

    Minor update, the app ‘Voice Actions’ is now called Jeannie.

  • insomvamp

    I said “I hate Monkeys”, and Iris replied “I honestly need to calm down, take a chill pill and think things through”

  • Salmanmusba

    It’s a copy of apples siri