T-Mobile To Get A Nexus S Looking Galaxy S II, Is This The Hercules?

With the popularity overseas of the Samsung Galaxy S II, it’s been hard to stop refreshing my Twitter account to catch a glimpse of news for a U.S. version. Thanks to Tmonews, it looks like there is concrete evidence that T-Mobile will be getting a sexy variation of the Galaxy S II.

Two things are making me salivate here. First, it looks like they ditched the god awful home button (anything even remotely iPhone like on Android makes me cringe). Secondly, it seems to follow a Nexus S type of body style which I’m a huge fan of. I hope that Samsung has also ditched using a plastic back plate in favor of metal.

It’s rumored that this will be T-Mobile’s first HSPA+ 42Mpbs phone and will also have a 4.5 inch display. Personally, I almost never make a call from my Android device anymore so I’ll welcome the bigger size screen.

There may be others out there like me that are about to switch carriers (I may even take a break from having a cell phone for a while to wait for this bad boy). With T-Mobile in my sights and not being a fan of Sense UI, I have been waiting patiently for news about the Hercules and here it is.

Touchwiz is the only thing that may turn me off to this phone so let’s all keep our fingers crossed that Samsung has made some changes for the better. If Samsung throws in NFC support here I’m all in regardless of Touchwiz.  Hit the break to check out a few more pics of the sexy device courtesy of our friends over at Pocketnow and TmoNews.  

[via TmoNews]

About the Author: Harold Williams

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