[TA Deals] Become a spreadsheet expert with the discounted Excel and Sheets Mastery Bundle

It’s no secret that spreadsheets are incredibly useful if you really know what you’re doing, whether that’s in a professional or personal setting. But getting the most out of them can be tough if you’re just getting started, and that can slow you down and potentially cost you money.

If you want to get better and learn everything there is to know about spreadsheets, you’re going to want to check out our Excel and Google Sheets Mastery bundle.

This bundle includes courses on the spreadsheet options from both Microsoft and Google, which is going to cover 99% of what everyone the planet is using. There are 40 hours of courses covering how to organize data, using the tools that each program offers, and how to write and utilize formulas. There are also some sections on replicating Microsoft Excel’s functions in Google Sheets, which is honestly probably some of the most useful stuff here.

You can get lifetime access to both courses for the heavily discounted price of $19 right now, knocking around 97% off the typical retail price of this content.

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