Motorola might be preparing a Moto Mods alternative to Samsung DeX

DeX is one of Samsung’s favorite new features to push on their smartphones, especially for productivity-focused users. More and more users are relying on smartphones and accessories to do productivity work, too, so why wouldn’t they? But of course that means that other manufacturers are going to want a slice of that pie, too.

Motorola, for example, is rumored to be preparing a serious competitor to DeX using their Moto Mods platform, and the accessory will be appropriately titled the Moto ModBook. However, instead of being a simple interchangeable backplate or like a dock for the phone, the ModBook will take an approach that would turn the phone into a laptop-esque device that could arguably be called a Chromebook.

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The rumor comes from Evan Blass, who leaked some images of a UI mockup that would take the Android interface of a Moto Z phone and turn it into a more traditional PC desktop, including a dock of apps/programs for switching around and floating windows for regular multitasking. It shares some DNA with Lenovo’s tablet lineup, too.

Blass points out that the concepts feature a Moto Z2 era wallpaper, so these aren’t brand new or anything. But if this type of device was in the planning stages last year, we’re getting close to the point when Lenovo and Motorola would formally announce something, which is very interesting to look forward to.

source: Evan Blass (Twitter)

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      The same dock worked with Motorola Droid Bionic. I loved it. I was writing for the local paper at the time and it made life really convenient