New Samsung Galaxy Watch logo leaks, confirming name change for Samsung’s wearables

A new logo for Samsung’s upcoming smartwatch has leaked, adding to the rumor pile of what’s to come later this year. This new logo seemingly confirms the name switch away from Gear to Galaxy Watch, bringing the wearable more in line with the rest of Samsung’s gadget lineup.

Not only will the device sport a new name, but we’re expecting to see Samsung come back to Wear OS instead of Tizen. Is that a permanent thing? Hard to tell, but I think it’d be odd for Samsung to completely drop their own custom OS with its own app platform after all these years of building it up.

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Of course, this could also be a one-off device for Samsung to test the waters of Wear OS again without fully committing to it, and we might still see the Gear S4 anyway. It could also be the case of a rumor simply being wrong, which does happen every so often, too.

Either way, keep an eye out for it around the Galaxy Note 9 announcement later this year.

source: Galaxy Club

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