Huawei aims high, wants to ship 200 million phones in 2018

Last year, Huawei managed to ship around 150 million phones globally. That’s really good and confirmed Huawei as one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers on the planet. But you can’t keep growing as a company by shipping the same amount of phones every year, so what’s the next goal for Huawei? Try 200 million.

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Yep, Huawei’s CEO announced today that they’re shooting for a more than 30% increase in sales throughout 2018, despite not being able to utilize the United States as a potential market. That’s daunting, to say the least.

Those figures do include Huawei’s Honor sub-brand, which certainly makes things a little bit easier, but they’re going to have an incredibly tough time competing in a market that seems to get more and more saturated with each passing year. There’s a few growing markets left, but Huawei won’t be the only one trying to make inroads there, either.

Good luck, Huawei, even if I’ll literally never be able to see one of your phones on shelves here.

source: Weibo

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