Galaxy Note 9 rumors pick up steam, suggest a bigger battery and 6.4-inch screen

The Galaxy Note 9 rumors are going to start getting more frequent over the next few months, and today we’ve got a leak that suggests some improvements in key areas for Samsung’s late-year flagship. We’ve already heard that Samsung is working on putting the fingerprint sensor underneath the screen, but now we know they want to cram a larger battery in a bigger screen, too.

The exact specs hint at a 4000mAh battery for the Galaxy Note 9, plus a slight screen size jump up to 6.4-inches. That battery difference probably would make all day usage a reality, but the screen size of the Galaxy Note 8 is already pretty close to that rumor. Once you factor in Samsung’s very tall, very curved display, you really wouldn’t notice much of that extra screen real estate.

We’re still a few months out before any of this stuff becomes official, so Samsung is likely testing a few different versions of things right now to figure out exactly what combination of hardware and improvements will create the best experience going into the holiday season.

Just cross your fingers that Samsung uses a safe battery.

via: SamMobile

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